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Autumn Pear Smoothie

Delicious Autumn Pear Smoothie


1 cup of Almond Milk

1 Pear

1T of Goji Berries

½t of Cinnamon

Many people experience dryness during autumn, symptoms of this can include a dry sore throat, cough and sinus problems, dry sore itchy eyes, skin dryness, itchiness and constipation. This is a great recipe for the autumn season. Both almonds and pears have a moistening effect on the body.

Almonds moisten the lungs and large intestines and are particularly good to treat cough with mucus and constipation. They can aid to moisten the lungs and reduce phlegm, making breathing easier and ease coughing. They remove blockages and counteract dryness in the large intestines

Pears are cool, sweet and slightly sour they produce fluids that lubricate dryness and eliminates mucus that affects the lungs and stomach. They are also effective in getting rid of phlegm and can help to treat cough with mucus, constipation, difficulty swallowing

Goji Berries replenish liver and kidney yin. Nourishes the blood, improves eyesight, eases aching in the back and legs helps with impotence and vertigo.

Cinnamon is warming and good for when feeling weak. The kidneys are considered the gate to the fire of life. Cinnamon stokes that fire, eliminates chill, ease diarrhea and pain in the lower back and knees, improves circulation to warm cold hands and feet and provides energy balance to people who are feeling hot in the upper part of the body and cold in the lower.

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